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Bucky I loved their last EP and this one is just as good if not better. Perfect blend of Disappearer and Doomriders. Looking forward to EP #3 and perhaps they'll put all three on one big glorious wax. Hint, hint band. ;) Favorite track: The Old House.
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NO FLOWERS is the latest creative endeavor from longtime musical collaborators, Jebb Riley and Thomas Moses. Having previously played together in Disappearer and There Were Wires, Riley (who plays bass in Boston's Doomriders) enlisted Moses to help flesh out a batch of songs he had been writing for which there was no band. The songwriting sessions were productive yet offered a new challenge to the pair: all instruments would be played by the duo. NO FLOWERS sees bassist/singer Riley on guitar for the first time in a band and Moses, in addition to guitar, adding drums to his repertoire.

The duo blend their experience and influences together to form something new yet somewhat familiar. Their songs range from dense to spare, uplifting to melancholy, but even in their most discordant moments, hold tight to melody.

EP TWO is the second of 3 EP's that NO FLOWERS will release in 2014.


released April 3, 2014

Jebb Riley - Guitar/Bass/Vox
Thomas Moses - Drums/Guitar/Percussion

Recorded 100% analog in 2013 by Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Recording Studio.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Art and design by Jebb Riley


tags: punk Boston


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NO FLOWERS Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Old House
the old house calls you
it calls you back
you know its crumbling walls
just like the backs of your hands

swaddled in cobwebs
hushed up by the drafts
discomfort so familiar
feels like you never left
this house needs a tenant
the parasite needs a host
it's eaten too many nights from me
so I'm moving out

"let lightning strike"
my prayer to the clouds
draw a line through the sky
and let this house burn down

the floorboards groan
and the garden's overgrown
the pipes leak, the stairs creak
that lovely sound when there's no one around
empty hallways echo
buried under dust
forgotten lore in the basement floor
stories you can't trust

"let lightning strike"
my prayer to the clouds
draw a line through the sky
and let this house burn down
Track Name: Mute Blues
hands cold
grip tight
I sink
blue night
it swallows
me whole
my love
don't go
don't leave
me here
I drown
in open air

I strain
I try
just to call
just to cry
held down
my throat
no sound
comes out
this dream
I can't say
your name

I can't breathe
I can't move
my head spins
it's no use
a way out
I can't see
no light
finds me
lost sun
shine through
til then
so blue